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Re-seller opportunities available. Please email us at with your company profile.
Re-seller opportunities available. Please email us at with your company profile.

Tint Benefits

Benefits of Tint
For the Ultimate in stylish comfort, nothing beats Window Tinting for your automobile. With both solar glare  and heat being significantly reduced, you and your passengers can drive in far more comfort.
Sol Control Window Films come in about every shade, including the old standby “limo-black”. Although originally favored by those who wanted total privacy in their vehicles, there are many more reasons than privacy to choose window tinting.  And, Tinting is available in a range of shades, including gray and bronze. Sol Control Window Films applied to windows provide benefits in the following areas:-

Save Energy

Sol Control reduces heat by rejecting 75% of total solar energy incident on the glass and increases coolness while minimising your air conditioning costs. It is estimated that premises of 100 sq. ft. 0f glass area in all 8 directions duly fixed with reflective Sol Control Window Film reduce the heat load on air conditioning by approximately one tonne.

Reduces Ultra violet radiation

Sol Control Window Film protect your skin and saves precious upholsteries from fading as it blocks 99% of harmful Ultra – Violet Rays. There’s also a health benefit: the Film prevents excessive exposure to UV rays, which can cause skin cancer, premature aging of the skin and eye damage. Harmful UV Rays  and heat cause car upholstery to crack and fade . Sol Control Window Film works as a sunscreen for your car.

Eliminates glare

Sol Control increases comfort in your room and in your vehicle  by eliminating sun glare. Sol Control Window Films cut out as much as 80% of the glare so that you get the benefit of natural light without straining  your eyes.

Boosts aesthetics

Sol Control Films are available in a variety of shades which adds beauty and enhances the exterior of the building and your Vehicle.

Saves on installation and main

Sol Control Window Film lasts longer and is maintenance free which lessens your air conditioning  and heat bills. It is very economic with better  efficiency compared to other expensive tinted glasses.

Affords greater safety

There’s nothing more dangerous than flying shards of glass, which often cause the most damage during earthquakes, riots, collisions etc. Sol Control Window Films not only resist breakage, they also hold the pieces together whenever glass panes break, thereby minimising damage to life and property.

Scratch resistant

Sol Control Film has Scratch Resistant Coating to avoid appearance of scratches during normal handling and cleaning of the glass

Provides privacy

Sol Control Film shields interiors from prying eyes when you are in your car, home or in your office. (depending on light intensity)