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Residential & Commercial Films
Premium Plus
High Performance
Optical Hybrid Film
Optical Hybrid Film / Tint
Reflective Film
Speciality Film

Brief Description of the above categories.

Premium Films : Thickness is 1 mil. Maximum heat rejection is 43%. Benefit is that it can be installed on any type of glass. Recommended use is mainly for privacy. 

High Performance Films: Thickness is 1.5 mil. Maximum heat rejection is 65%. These films are metalized so have a little shine in them. 

Optical Films:  Thickness is 1.5 mil. Maximum heat rejection is 53%. These films are designed to be mixture of Premium and High Performance Films. Non Metalized films so looks more like premium films but work like High Performance films.

Reflective Films: Thickness is 1.5 mil, Maximum heat rejection is 78%. These films are designed for residential and commercial to keep the maximum heat out or in. (works in both directions).  Because of the performance of the films the films are very shiny (reflective).

NOTE: When installing on a double pane or low “e” glass please refer to the “more info” tab before putting the product itself in the shopping cart.

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